Backing up Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

Hello Experts:

I have a question concerning NTbackup for Windows 2003 Server.  I am using NTbackup to do a backup of my Microsoft 2003 Exchange server--the backup runs just fine but when I go to Restore and Manage Media and  look at the files that were backed up and examine the Log Files, Mailbox Store and Public Folders--they show that they have no entries.  Does this mean that I can't use NTbackup to backup the Exchange Server?

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you will not see a list of mailboxes
the ntbackup backups the entire information store which contains the databases
since you have exchange 2003, you just need to to restore the mailbox store to the recovery storage group incase of a disaster.
the mailboxes can be seen in the list when a bricklevel backup has been done
a brick level backups individual mailboxes
if you backup the information store using ntbackup then it backups the mailbox store, public folder store and log files
it will not show you a list of mailboxes there
huntersp3Author Commented:
Hello Rake:

I have followed those directions before--but after the backup is complete--I do not see a list of mailboxes.  Any thoughts?
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