Add Home link on side bar under pages.

Hello Experts I would like to use this template but I would like to add the word Home under the pages category on the right that would point to the front page instead of a page itself. Everything I have tried breaks the formatting of the site design. Please leave detailed instructions with code first correct solution gets 500 points!

Thank you.
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Neither one of these solutions are correct. Here's one that is. I already tested it with my own blog and it works fine (and I liked your idea enough that I'm keeping it there!):
The Pages section is a function of back-end blog via the following line from the sidebar.php file of the theme:

<tr><td colspan="2"><?=$pages_html?></td></tr>

You can put your link to your home page between the <td colspan="2"> tag and the <?=$pages_html?> tag for a static link, but the rest ("Pages" and the links) are all dynamically created based on the blog.
First you have to know the name of the page where the link you want must come.
Second, go to the spot you want. For example to the bottom, and plugout your code.
At last, put your link at the spot where you have located the right spot for your link ;)
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