Adding ini file to install package VB6

What is the procedure to make VB6 add an INI file to the install directory when they run the setup.exe it?
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ClifConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, you asked for the "procedure".

After you select the project file (and compile it, if necessary), the next screen will list the files to be included in the package.  Click the "Add" button and select your ini file.  You will have to change the file type to "All Files" to be able to see it.

A few screens later in the Wizard, you will be able to select where the ini file will be installed to.  I would suggest that you accept the default and install it to the folder where the executable is to be installed.
You can add the ini file to the Package & Deployment wizard.
how would you do this in Visual Studio 2005? i dont see the option to add files durring compiling....
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