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I have already setup a domain which i now know is wrong.  The local domain is vdasrv.volunteering-ni.org which is of course a sub domain.  And one of my servers is vdasrv.vdasrv.volunteering-ni.org.  My main problem with this is when one of the servers is down users cannot logon to the system.  

What i am doing now is installing a new email server.  I want to set it up in the volunteering-ni.org domain then the other servers up to the same level.  Does anyone have any help regarding this.

Kevin RobinsonPrivate VB.NET ContractorAsked:
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Brian PierceConnect With a Mentor PhotographerCommented:
Why not just use an Active Directory Integrated DNS, that way DNS is automatically replicated to all domain controllers
Don't think you can setup a email server for your parent domain.
Kevin RobinsonPrivate VB.NET ContractorAuthor Commented:
OK Forget aboout the email side of things.  I just want the new server to be on the main volunteering-ni.org, then move my other file server (AD DC) here as well.  
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