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I need a bit of advise in regards to creating my own family website. I need very universal website that can be modified by web and be very customazable and it needs the following:

- Abbility to choose from verious tempaltes.
- Blogs
- Have verious photo albums
- Have verious video albums
- TimeLine
- Calendar
- Dairy
- Family tree...etc.
It has to have many great futures and be very custamizable but at the same time easy to use. I have found few but they are a joke at very high price. If you know of any site like that I would greatly appreciate it. Best regards.

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I would recommend The have very resonable pricing.
From there you could install several of many available open source projects including CMS applications so your site will be exactly what you want instead of a canned package.

You might want to look for sites that host DotNetNuke as well. You can get for free, or purchase modules that will do what you need at very reasonable pricing.
"It has to have many great futures and be very custamizable but at the same time easy to use. "

Face reality, there is no such thing as a customizable website.  Once it is done, it is DONE, and if you want to redesign it, it has to be redesigned from scratch.

You appear to know little about designing websites.  I would recommend hiring someone who can do what you want, in a way that takes the least effort to add to and/or redesgn the site if / when needed.
ibozcAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys.. i will try Joomla.. that is a good idea... well I do know a bit about web delvelopment but at the same time I wanted an easy way out... thx a lot.
Good luck
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