help with expanding wireless network 500 POINTS!!


     currently i have a wireless network set up in an office. i'm using a linksys wrt54gl router setup up in front of the office building. the computers up front have no problem connecting to the router but the computers in the back of the office have difficulty getting a good signal strength. there is an ethernet cable that is ran to the back of the office where a wap54b was connected and the access point has since been removed because the "B" network was too slow. i need suggestions on how to increase the stability of the computers in the back. i considered installing a wap54g on the ethernet cable that runs to the back but, correct me if i'm wrong, don't you have to setup the wap with a different ssid for them to work right? i need an expanded network range that is as seamless as possible. any and all suggestions will be greatful.

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Yes it will be seamless. WEP won't be a problem, although it would be better security wise if you use WPA and TKIP, or WPA2 with AES encryption. Thats, of course if all your devices will support them. If not, there are usually driver updates for the wireless adapters or firmware updates for wireless routers and Access Points/
You will use the same SSID as the wrt54g. Just set the wap54g to a different channel than the router. Either 1, 6 or 11.
costrackAuthor Commented:
doing it that way will make the two work seamlessly together? i'm assuming that enabling wep security on both of them with the same key wouldn't be a problem
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