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Well i'm convinced DNSstuff.com is a paid service now.   I search through EE for an alternative, and it looks like someone asked the question before.   They accepted the answer that it's still free if you scroll down, but i've tried that and DNSstuff wants money after 50/5 free trys.  

i'd be ok with paying their price if i used it more than 10 times a year.   I wear many digital hats, so i'm not constantly dealing with network issues, just here and there.   I've also used my 5 free trys.

Anybody know of an alternative?
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I also bounced across AjaxDNS, but again nothing as extensive as DNSstuff.
DNStools.com has some simple tools, but nothing as extensive as DNSStuff. SamSpade also used to be good but they are revising their site and are limited to a simple whois query now. *sigh*
Have you tried http://www.dnsreport.com
homemadebyxAuthor Commented:
There doesn't seem to be much for alternatives.    Thanks aaron757,  your right they aren't as extensive as DNSstuff, but they do seem to be the only alternatives.    

DNSreport.com   appears to be a domain belonging to DNSstuff.com.    I tried using DNSreport.com but it told me my 5 trials were done.

Thanks for the help.
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