Hosting website internally, question about routing and firewall (Sonicwall)

we are currently going to be moving our website internally.  We have 2 sites we would like to run off the one machine and i understand i will be using host headers to get this done.  My question is, we currently redirect port 80 on our main firewall to our exchange server for OWA. Is there a way to have this redirecting the website as well? or i need to setup another wan ip to do that?

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Depends on your Firewall. If it can read the header and re-direct based on that header.  you just need to set that up.

However, I doubt that's an option and you will want to use the Multiple IP approach.  That's the easiest and most direct way to get it done.  Each "website" will have its own public IP address and the router will forward traffic on Port 80 to the corresponding server.

I think you can also use IIS on your OWA machine to route traffic to the appropriate Website. (server).  however, i am not familiar with that proccess and only have a rough idea of how it could possibly work. :)

Maybe someone else on here knows.

There are definitley plenty of options to accomplish what you want, I am sure someone has a bit more info that me.

 - Brugh
lgropperAuthor Commented:
perfect, sounds great!

thank you!!
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