read messages become unread after a few minutes using exchange 2003

I administer an SBS 2003 R2 Server Standard running exchange 2003 for email.  All of the users have a problem after they read mail it gets marked as read but within 20 min the read messages are marked as unread.  They are using Outlook 2003 SP2 as their email client.   This also seems to be causing a problem for blackberry users because they are receiving the same email multiple times.

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czcdctConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What protocol are the Exchange users using? (POP, IMAP, MAPI, OWA?)
kristinawConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the only way something like this could be happening is if something else is touching your store. What 3rd party programs do you have installed on the Exchange server? Antivirus? anything like that? shut them all off and see if the problem goes away. then you can turn them back on one by one til you find the culprit and address it with the vendor.

you mention blackberry, do you have blackberry enterprise server? or are clients just doing redirect?

msupportAuthor Commented:
Now that i have been able to make it to that customer only two people are having the issue and meither of them are using blackberry.  The blackberries are using pop  and outlook is using the default for exchange, which in my exhaustion i have forgotten what it is.  One user has Outllook 2003 SP1 and the other SP2.
msupportAuthor Commented:
I have fixed it.  I have  a POP3 account configured to exchange server so they can send mail using their other domain and i had to stop that account from receiving mail.
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