OpenReport cancelled error after MS Access upgrade

I have one computer that will not allow me to run reports or modify reports on it.  I continue to get an 'OpenReport action cancelled' error.

I have a network of 5-6 computers using an Access 2000 database.  These computers are connected to a MS SBS 2003 server.  All computers had Access 2003 on them except for one computer.

The computer in question has XP Pro w/SP2, Access 2000, and MS Office 2003 Basic installed on it.  I requested that it be upgraded to Office 2003 Professional so that all computers would have Access 2003 on it and the database could be converted to 2003.  Instead the support tech removed Access 2000 and added MS Office 2003 Professional (Access 2003 & Publisher 2003 only).

I am at a loss why this is happening.  Please help!!
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rockiroadsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
is the setup the same as the other pc's? i.e. printer setup, the default printer on the other pc is same as this one

having same version of office clears the problem of binding

DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database ArchitectCommented:
PLease try this:

A **DeCompile** may help here ...

But first, if you have not already:
Check for any **Missing References via the VBA Editor>>Tools>>References ....

Then, follow this procedure:

0) **Backup your MDB**
1) Compact and Repair the MDB, as follows:
Hold down the Shift key and open the MDB, then from the menu >>Tools>>Database Utilities>>Compact and Repair ...
2) Execute the Decompile (See example syntax below) >> after which, your database will reopen.
3) Close the mdb
4) Open the mdb and do a Compact and Repair (#1 above).
5) Open the mdb:
    a) Right click over a 'blank' area of the database window (container) and select Visual Basic Editor. A new window will open with the title 'Microsoft Visual Basic' ... followed by then name of your MDB.
    b) From the VBA Editor Menu at the top of the window:
        Note ... after the word Compile will see the name of your 'Project' - just an fyi.

6) Close the mdb
7) Compact and Repair one more time.

*** Executing the DeCompile:
Here is an example of the command line syntax  (adjust your path and file name accordingly) for executing the


Run this from Start>>Run, enter the following command line ...

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Msaccess.exe" /decompile


For more detail on the Decompile subject ... visit the Master on the subject (and other great stuff) Michael Kaplan:

You did an upgrade

ok, does any of your code use early binding of office objects? eg. dim x as outlook.application or excel.application
if so, then compile your code, fix errors, fix references, compile again and try again

have you changed any printers? do u have default printers defined? does the printer defined for the report still exist (file/page setup or something like that)
ensure a valid printer is selected
TSFLLCAuthor Commented:

I have 3-4 other computers tied to this network who are using the application without any problem.  Just this one computer.  The only difference between the one not working properly is that it started with Access 2000, Office Basic 2003, and then installed Office 2003 Professional.

Since your posting, I had them remove all of the above and perform a full installation with Office 2003 Professional.  Still receivnig problem.
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