Editing rpx files

I have a load of rpx files that is part of our inventory system I need to be able to edit this tp replace some infomration in that these files contain.  I need some software that will let me alter these files I cannot purchase any software is there anything out there that will do it for free.
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scrathcyboyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
RPX are standard Oracle visual information retrieval files.  As such, they are essentially like XML files, but they were designed before XML was a common standard.  Since they are XML compliant, you can open them in any web browser like Mozilla or Firefox, and if you use the Composer option in mozilla or firefox, you can edit and save them directly.  Both these browsers are FREE to use, and have free editors.

You probably need to create a link to the file type.  Right click on any RPX file, and choose "open with" or if that does not show, choose open, and you will get a navigational prompt.  Navigate to mozilla or firefox browser (actually the composer) under program files, and that should open the file in edit mode.  Go from there.
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