Missing Security Tab - Server 2003

Dear support,
I have a windows 2003 server used as a data store and location for home folder supporting 1000+ users.
I have noticed that randomly, in several account I have folders that do not have a security tab and my backup program meets these folder and hangs.
I have tried changing the permissions of the parent folder, "Repalce permissions of  all child objects...", I have run checkdisk, run the volume error checking tool, acls, cacls, xcacls all to no avail.
Scanning the internet i see that this issue is reported and there are references to Microsoft KB. I have followed these without success.
Can anyone there help me.
I am unable to copy all the files off the disk and reformat at this time.

Kind regards
Stephen Wild
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Is this part of a DFS?
stephenwildAuthor Commented:
Not part of DFS
Standalone data server, part of the Domain but not a domain controller.
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Are you able to see the security tab on the files in the folders in question?

Are there any entries in the event logs?  What does the backup program do besides hang?  Any errors?
stephenwildAuthor Commented:
Dear All,
Some of you are missing the point.

The issue is that I have several (a few)FOLDERs, randomly spread on A data server 2003 supporting a total of 1000+ user home folders, under a single parent folder.

These few folders have NO security tab and I cannot delete the folder nor change permissions nor cascade permissions from the parent folder.

subinacls, cacls, xcacls etc achieve nothing.

I am stumped!


stephenwildAuthor Commented:
I have seen this problem recently and it was due to a problem with McAfee Antivirus. We were able to provoke it but when McAfee was disabled we couldn't.

An update to McAfee Antivirus solved the problem.
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