delphi 2005 webpage templates.

Using Delphi 2006 to make a web page, the vast array of components is confusing.  The sample section does not show a clear example of a web page. The template section is only code templates.   I would like a simple template to alter.  This way I know what is needed is included and when enough is included to run.
Is there somewhere else I'm missing or a website which has downloadable templates?

Also, the complexity of choices such as IntraWeb, .NET, ActiveX, HTML is confusing.  Can these be mixed in a single webpage?
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I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to do.  As for the second part of your question, it may help to understand what each of those are:

- IntraWeb is a Delphi framework for creating web applications.
- .NET is a Delphi version of the ASP.NET framework; basically it allows you to create ASP.NET applications but using Delphi syntax instead of C# or VB.NET.
- ActiveX is a Microsoft technology using for making reusable components (sort of like VCL in Delphi).  This is commonly used for COM-driven applications, such as Classic ASP.
- HTML is a mark-up language for the presentation layout of web pages.

In general, you may want to choose which of the frameworks you want to develop for (IntraWeb, .Net, etc.) so reading up on their overview will help.  The HTML is used just to create the layout of the pages, so this is a common thread to all frameworks.

I use Delphi 2006 to create ASP.NET web applications, and I found this site very helpful when I started:

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