Problem sending mail from my other aliases in exchange 2003 /sbs2003


I am running SBS2003 and exchange  SP2, and I am having trouble sending mail from a user (all the user accounts behave the same way)

The exchange server has been setup in the receipient options to handle the mail for several domains, and this works for incoming mail across all the domains.  Within the usen manager the email tab shows the correct email aliases for all the configured domains.

However when I try to send a mail from one of my aliases that is not the default (using the from option in outlook), I get an error message saying that I am not permitted to send to this receipent (i.e. any valid external email address).

Can anyone shed any light on this
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That is the expected behaviour.
Exchange does not expect you to send email using the other aliases on the account. Those are aliases for inbound email only. For outbound Exchange expects email to go out as the default address.

There are two main options.
1. Multiple accounts and the from field.
2. A third party tool called Choose From.

Some others like to use the dummy POP3 method, but I am not a fan of that one and don't recommend it.

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