I need some tips on how  to implement TinyMCE on a very simple Asp.net website. I tried the documentation  on wiki pages, but were not much of an help. Any good links or examples???
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1. I would recommend including the TinyMCE script in the master page in an area that will be loaded regardless of which individual page is loaded. That way you do not need to edit several pages.

2. When the user inserts data into the TinyMCE field and then submits your form, the entire HTML content of the textarea will be sent. You will need to access the form element in your script to retrieve the data, and then save it in the manner that is most suitable. I am not an ASP developer so I cannot provide specific instructions on retrieving the form field data, but I believe you will find the information you need here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/vbcon/html/vbconintroductiontowebforms.asp

3. I would recommend saving the HTML result in a database field, and loading it as needed. The other alternative is to save it to a flat file, but that can become cumbersome depending on how many will people will be submitting such information, and how large the submissions will be.
TinyMCE is rather easy to implement. You simply include the Javascript file in your page, and then create a textarea. The TinyMCE controls are automatically created on the textarea when the page loads.

TinyMCE just acts as a filter, converting your control selections and text into HTML. The resulting HTML code is submitted when you submit the form.

I do not know of a good tutorial other than what is provided with TinyMCE itself. However, if you want to post your HTML form here, along with a descriptiong of your desired result, I will be happy to help get you to the right place.
grafixgirlAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much for responding, I am on trip right now, so can't try your tips, but here are some of my general questions.
1- I am using Asp.net, I have five aspx pages and one master page. I want to know shall I just include the Tinymce script in the master page, so every time I open a page, it would open up with the editor(text area).
2- How does save work. Are there two pages for each page, one editable(tinymce) and the other page to display.
3- I was also thinking when submit a form to save, I can save the entire html in a db and when the page opens to view, it pulls all the html from db, this way I will only have one 1 page but 2 master page.

I hope I make sense. if not then lets assume, I have a simple html page:

<tinmce .... SCRIPT>
<form method="post" action="new.html" >
<textarea> Hello World! </textarea>

--- In form does it write on itself or all the values are stored in a new page?
I'll sincerely appreciate all your response.
Thank you
grafixgirlAuthor Commented:
Now I got the setup all set ... I am able to open a page pulled from a db in an editable window and edit the content, but now my question is how to save the page.
to be specific, how do I insert the updated content in the db using the form submit/save.
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