Deploying Microsoft hotfix for HD audio over RIS [unattended]

I am trying to deploy a large network of Acer Veriton 6800s (via RIS on server 2k3) , along with other machines.

The Veritons are equipped with "HD" audio, and the drivers are very finicky. To install the drivers, you must first

install a hotfix from Microsoft, then install the drivers. Is there any way to deploy the hotfix on first boot, or

in the .SIF file, or even slipstream it? I have already referenced the drivers in the SIF and put them in the $OEM$


Hotfix: KB888111
Machine: Acer Veriton 6800
OS: XP SP2 (not sure if it is slipstreamed with latest updates) [unattended over RIS]
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matrixnzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi inspirednetworks

Here's how I do it

Download nLite and install -
Download Xable Lite Update Pack - - This includes all the latest updates post Windows XP SP2.
Within your Audio Driver, you should see something like qfe.exe which is actually the Microsoft HD Audio Driver, it should be a compressed file.

Now insert a Windows XPSP2 CD
Copy the entire contents of Windows XP SP2 to C:\WinXPSP2
Now Start nLite
Point it to C:\WinXPSP2
Click Next
Select Hotfixes and Update Packs
NOTE: I don't integrate Drivers as I prefer to control this with Sysprep, or Unattend.txt (So I don't select this)
Click Next
Click Insert - Select Xable Lite Update Pack download
Click Insert  - Select qfe.exe file
Click Advanced button
NOTE: Normally I leave integrator switched on(default), this method only adds several mb to the Windows XP SP2 Build, if you switch integrator off then you Windows XP Build will grow alot larger as it uses the old method of applying the updates one by one during setup.  However sometimes if you do have a Windows Update you wish to apply (normally an update not Critical/Security Hotfix) than you need to switch Integrator Off.  I tend to leave these updates off and let WSUS fix those as they're not Critcal/Security Updates.
Click Next to compile the slipstreamed WinXPSP2 directory.

You can either burn back to CD or use this for deploying RIS.

meant to say - You can either burn back to CD or use this for deploying images with RIS.

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