Data Control to ADO Code

Posted on 2007-07-26
Last Modified: 2010-04-09
How would you turn this into ADO code?

If Data1.Database.TableDefs("DBRecords").Name <> "DBRecords" Then create_dbrecords
If Data1.Database.TableDefs("musicians").Name <> "musicians" Then musicians
If Data1.Database.TableDefs("all_users").Fields("Birthday").Name <> "Birthday" Then UpgradeMDB
If Data1.Database.TableDefs("all_users").Fields("Music").Name <> "Music" Then UpgradeMDBII
If Data1.Database.TableDefs("email_offline").Name <> "email_offline" Then Email_Offline
If Data1.Database.TableDefs("event_invite").Name <> "event_invite" Then Event_Invite
If Data1.Database.TableDefs("advert_via_event_log").Name <> "advert_via_event_log" Then advert_via_event_log
If Data1.Database.TableDefs("live_shows").Name <> "live_shows" Then live_shows
Question by:Takamine334
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    Expert Comment

    You would need to create a database object, open it to the correct database, and then search and replace "Data1.Database" with the name od the database object:

    Dim MyDB As Database
    Set MyDB = OpenDatabase("c:\myAccessDB.mdb")
    If MyDB.TableDefs("DBRecords").Name <> "DBRecords" Then create_dbrecords
    If MyDB.TableDefs("musicians").Name <> "musicians" Then musicians
    If MyDB.TableDefs("all_users").Fields("Birthday").Name <> "Birthday" Then UpgradeMDB
    If MyDB.TableDefs("all_users").Fields("Music").Name <> "Music" Then UpgradeMDBII
    If MyDB.TableDefs("email_offline").Name <> "email_offline" Then Email_Offline
    If MyDB.TableDefs("event_invite").Name <> "event_invite" Then Event_Invite
    If MyDB.TableDefs("advert_via_event_log").Name <> "advert_via_event_log" Then advert_via_event_log
    If MyDB.TableDefs("live_shows").Name <> "live_shows" Then live_shows

    Author Comment

    oh, that's it? for ADO code?
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    Expert Comment

    Oh, heck.  What was I thinking...

    Sorry about that.  It's late in the day.  :(

    Author Comment

    So, thats not the answer? Guess not.
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    Accepted Solution

    Use both ADO and ADOX to accomplish this.

    1. Add "Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.x Library" and "Microsoft ADO Ext. 2.x for DDL and Security" via the Projects->References menu.

    2. Copy sample code below into a new project and run it.

    Option Explicit

    Private Sub Form_Load()

       Dim oCN As New ADODB.Connection
       Dim oRS As New ADODB.Recordset
       With oCN
          .Provider = "Microsoft.JET.OLEDB.4.0"
          .Properties("Data Source") = "C:\YOURDB.MDB"       '<== CHANGE THIS TO YOUR ACTUAL DB NAME AND PATH
       End With
       If oCN.State = adStateOpen Then
          showTables oCN
       End If

    End Sub

    Private Sub showTables(oCN As ADODB.Connection)

       Dim oCat As New ADOX.Catalog
       Dim oTbl As New ADOX.Table
       oCat.ActiveConnection = oCN
       '--- For Each oTbl In oCat.Tables
       '---   Debug.Print oTbl.Name, oTbl.Type
       '--- Next
       If oCat("DBRecords").Name <> "DBRecords" Then Debug.Print "create_dbrecords"
       If oCat("musicians").Name <> "musicians" Then  Debug.Print "musicians"
       If oCat("all_users").Columns("Birthday").Name <> "Birthday" Then  Debug.Print "UpgradeMDB"
       If oCat("all_users").Columns("Music").Name <> "Music" Then  Debug.Print "UpgradeMDBII"
       If oCat("email_offline").Name <> "email_offline" Then  Debug.Print "Email_Offline"
       If oCat("event_invite").Name <> "event_invite" Then  Debug.Print "Event_Invite"
       If oCat("advert_via_event_log").Name <> "advert_via_event_log" Then  Debug.Print "advert_via_event_log"
       If oCat("live_shows").Name <> "live_shows" Then  Debug.Print "live_shows"
    End Sub
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    Assisted Solution

    Dim myConn
    Set myConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
    myConn.Open = ("DRIVER={Microsoft Access" &_
    " Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=" &_

    set rs = server.createObject("ADODB.Recordset") strSQL, db, 2, 2

    If rs("COLUMN_NAME") <> "CONDITION" Then create_dbrecords

    set rs=nothing

    Set myConn = nothing


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