Reporting Services back button on jump to reports 2005

Show back button when using jump to reports in sql reporting services 2005.  I currently have reports that are jump to reports to others.  I'm sure you have all seen the back button that is available in the development studio....however, after sending the report to production..the back button is missing.  Does anyone know how to get this back or force it to display?  Thanks
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YurichConnect With a Mentor Commented:
After you deploy your report, it's presumed that you're using some kind of internet browser (IE, Mozilla, etc.), which has a back button. So, you're supposed to use this button and the button in your development studio is just to substitute those big back buttons from internet browsers. The functioonality is absolutely the same - take you back to the previous page. It won't take you to the "parent-parent" report if you have several jumps, it's alway one step back.
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