NT4 - 2003 Domain Upgrade

I know this question has been asked a hundred times, so apologies in advance. But I just wanted to make sure I am right about this

We have a NT4 Domain (1 PDC, 0 BDC). We have a new 2003 Standard server. We want to upgrade to 2003 AD Domain.  Here is what has to happen

put a temp box on the network with NT4
make it a BDC
take the PDC offline
Promote the temp BDC to PDC
upgrade its OS to Win2003
it is now automatically a Win2003 DC
bring our new 2003 server online
make it a DC
transfer all FSMO roles over to the new server
demote the temp box to a member server
live happily ever after

Is that the easiest\best way to do it?


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This article explains an easier quicker way.

Add the temp BDC, then promote it up to PDC.  Keep the existing PDC online at this time.  The promotion will make the temp the new PDC and demote the old PDC to BDC.  Watch the event logs to ensure that all is well and the promotion process is complete.  At this point take the newly demoted bdc offline and proceed to upgrade the new PDC with W2K3.
One simple way:

Create a 2-way trust between the 2003 Active Directory (AD) Server and the NT domain.

Migrate the users and their machines into the AD domain. with ADMT

Migrate the NT domain servers last.

There are several tools out there that can make this a not-so-painful task. Microsoft has a free tool that actually works.

Hope this helps
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