Help reinstalling Terminal Server Licensing (for CAL's)


I help administer a server running Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition and am having an issue with our device CAL's.  We have three laptops that need to access the server via Terminal Services.  We have 3 'Per Device' CALs (Volume licenses).  Two of the laptops have been assigned a CAL, but the third one was incorrectly assigned to a desktop pc.  

From what I've read so far, CALs cannot be transferred from one device to another (is that correct?) If it is, then I will attempt to re-install Terminal Service Licensing and re-active the license.  The only thing is, we cannot find the original documentation that came with the server.  Does Server 2003 Standard come with a default amount of CALs?  Is there any way we can retrieve the licensing info from the server or by contacting Microsoft?

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The following was extracted from Microsoft website regarding TS CALs (per user or per device)

"You may reassign a TS CAL from one device to another device, or from one user to another user, provided the reassignment is made either (a) permanently away from the one device or user or (b) temporarily to accommodate the use of the TS CAL either by a loaner device, while a pe"rmanent device is out of service, or by a temporary worker, while a regular employee is absent."

Also if your machine is running XP Pro and was purchased before 23/04/2004 you don;t need to purchase additional CAL in order to run terminal session.

"Every Windows XP Professional desktop license that you own on the date of the public launch of Windows Server 2003 (April 24, 2003) is eligible for a Windows Server 2003 TS CAL. For further information, see the Microsoft Terminal Server Licensing Changes and Transition Plan page."

Hope this help!
fLEkzAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the tips.  I will call Microsoft Clearing House for advice.

ormerodrutter: How would I go about reassigning a TS CAL from device to device?
fLEkzAuthor Commented:
I wanted to give an update on this.  I contacted Microsoft Clearinghouse and they weren't of much help.  I then contacted Microsoft Technical Support and we were able to issue a temporary license to the third machine (device).  The license lasts for 90 days, so I have the option of just waiting for the 3rd CAL to expire or re-install the TS licensing.  I am currently working with a tech representative in retrieving our license info to re-install our TS license.

Thanks for your help.
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