Expert Advice Needed : Migrating from 50 Batch Scripts to ??


I have a suite of approx. 50 batch files. On a high level, they have common functionality--e.g. copy dirs, handle IIS, etc. More scripts are forecasted in the future.

As I look beyond this Phase 1, I would like recommendations on how to combine these scripts in a Phase 2. For example, I want to include: error handling and a shared library of common procedures. (I know most scripting and programming languages support these.) This is a Windows-only solution, so something like PoSH might be a possibility.

Any ideas?

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William ElliottSr Tech GuruCommented:
i'd convert them all to vbs. but then again that is what i do.
but since they are batch and they do their jobs, why not just add error handling to them.

there is no easy answe to this question. you will have to do some work. if you provide a script we can convert it for you, or if you just want to run the scripts in order create a seperate batch script to do that.

as far as error handling you can always add " >> results.txt" to most commands and then you will get the output in the results.txt file.
Perl or Python?

Both are great scripting languages.  I prefer Perl, but Python will do the job too.

ActiveState Perl, in particular, I know can do Win32 API calls, file management, permissions management, OLE, and other stuff I haven't even looked at yet.
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