UNC paths are not supported

When I run a Perl script on command line, I got the following outputs in console window:

CMD.EXE was started with '\\server\archiveFolder' as the current directory path.  UNC paths
are not supported.  Defaulting to Windows directory.

But the job done by the script, I want to know why the job was not affected even though there are complains shown up. Can I ignore it? What should I do if I cannot ignore it?

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No adverse effects, as long as the scriupt runs fine. CMD.EXE will always default to your local system drive, if launched from a UNC path. So if the batch file is located on \\server\share, try mapping a drive letter X to \\server\share\ and it should launch ok, with no errors...

See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/156276.  What version of Windows are you using?  Are all service packs installed?
yc_ycAuthor Commented:
It is window 2000. What service pack should be installed?
I saw the info within your email link when I was searching in google.
I want to understand if I ignore it, what problem might be caused since the script can be run finely?

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