WMV Files with no sound and WMP 11 locks up, I have found a solution but need some help


I had a problem with WMV Files playing with no sound in WMP 11, it also locked up if you tried to stop, pause or if the file finished playing.

This person also has the same problem, Question # 21807173

I have found a solution but I am unsure exactly what it does.

What I had to do was go to:
And change the AutoInsert value from 1 to 0

This fixed all my problems, sound works and WMP does not crash.

Unfortunately I have this problem in a new image that I created that has already been rolled out to around 80 laptops. I can easily push this registry change out using our login script but before I do I wanted to see if anyone has any ideas to what this registry key is, what it does and if it could cause any other problems.

Any help would greatly appreciated.

Also could someone please update the question that was asked previously (Question # 21807173) with this solution as I believe it was never resolved.


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VRBonesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That CLSID is for SRSWOW, a filter to enhance bass. Turning AutoInsert from 1 to 0 turns it off by default rather than on by default. You won't notice too much of a difference with or without it, especially on laptops (and especially laptops that won't work at all with it on ;).
Tyco_HealthcareAuthor Commented:
Any idea why this only affects WMV Files?
Autoinsert turned on simply means -- assume the CD in is the drive, and do not ask for it.
When turned off, it will ask for the CD to be inserted, and therefore foul up your playback or installation

WMP is defective in this regard.  Why not use a superior player, like VLC player, or Media player classic?  Both of these are free, and do not have the problems, endless problems, of WMP 11 and the likes.
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Ahh the wonders of modern programming when you have at least 4 seperate companies developing code that is supposed to work together seamlessly. I would say Microsoft's implementation of SRSWow is having issues when converting the WMV codec to your specific hardware. It would seem unlikely that the hardware vendor would let an error like that continue once they are aware of it, so I'd make a point of checking drivers for the laptops. It might also be tied up in the SRS patent too, which means it may never get fully sorted, although SRSWow has been around for a couple of years now.

In short: It's a bug.
Tyco_HealthcareAuthor Commented:
Each folder under under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\NodeCLSIDs
has an Autoinsert (8 in total), i dont believe that this has anything to do with the CD Drive as the issue occurs regardless of the location from where the file is played from. I am trying

Anyone else with some more help beofre i accept VRBones Solution.

Thank's for the help so far.

Tyco_HealthcareAuthor Commented:
Sorry forgot to finiish what i was writing.

I am trying to fix this problem as i have allready rolled this image out. To install a different media playing application on over 80 laptops will take a large amount of time.  This is the only problem I am having with WMP and if this fix is stable i want to push it out.

I'd recommend rolling it out on a few test machines first ...
Tyco_HealthcareAuthor Commented:
Yep i plan on doing that.

Thanks Everyone!
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