IIS 6 asking for domain user & password from Firefox and local user

I have Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6 and our domain is using active directory.

The problem is, if i access the web in IIS using IE .. it work ok. but if i trying to access the page in IIS with Firefox or from IE on PC that logon using local account (not using domain account), then there will be a pop up asking for username and password. I have to fill it in with a domain user.

How to make IIS not request for user and password ?

This is an intranet page so everyone should be able to access from our network, even using firefox or if the person logon using local account. This was not a problem when using IIS 5.
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Try unchecking the "Integrated Windows authentication" to see if you get the same prompt.

Also check the local NTFS permissions for the web site files as it possible that the anonymous IIS user (IUSR_SOMETHING usually) doesn't have enough permissions to access the requested files.
Go to the web site properties -> "Directory Security" tab -> "Edit" under the "Authentication and Access Control" section and enable the "Enable anonymous access" checkbox there.
kuvraAuthor Commented:
anonymous acces is enabled
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