Urgent help me out plz - Cognos Transformer problem

Hi Guyz,

I've got a problem in my Cognos Powerplay Transformer Cube.

One of the measures in the cube is ActualYTD which returns the actual gross sales values for all the years, and months within the particular year.

the report data looks like this,

Measures     January                                    Febraury                                          ........................     December            

4005         Actual Period  Actual YTD       Actual Period  Actual YTD
Sales      18,827,153     18,827,153         12,608,865   (Actual YTD (jan) + Actual Period (feb))................

In this case, the Actual YTD is working for year 2007 (it's calculating the data as per the values and the

calculation in the cube)

but it's not working for the rest of the years.

the Actual YTD value for year 2006 is not working properly.

Please help me out in this!

Derivation Part:

ActualYTD = "Actual YTD" - "Budget YTD"  (this is the calculation they are using in the measure)
Budget YTD is a different measure ( which gets data from the column "BA YTD Ledger Amount")
Calculation of Actual Period = "Total Ledgers Period" - "Budget Period" - "LE August Period"  (this one is working fine)
only the measure ActualYTD is not working as they want it.

I don't know how its working fine for 2007 and not for 2006.

Thanks in Advance!

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RWrigleyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like its working exactly the way it was designed. If you have a "Measure" called "Actual year to date", I'm assuming that the data that is feeding the measure is specifically retrieving only the data for the current year.  Thus, the measure is only going to have valid values for the current year.

Typically, a cube will have calculated cateories for relative time calculations, so you'll have a time category called "Year To Date".  In theory (if the cube is designed correctly), if you display a measure (like "Actual Revenue") in the context of the relative time category "Year to Date", it'll show you the actual revenue for the year to date.  
Forced accept.

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