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Distributed File System - Replacing Hard Drive

OS is Windows 2000 Adv Server.

I have a domain dfs root and a link with replicas on 2 servers.  I'm out of space on one of the server's drives and am putting in a larger drive.  The DFS root share in the case is NOT on the drive to be replaced (only the DFS link share is).   I read a post elsewhere about this I think I have a plan, but I wanted to bounce this off the experts:

1) Do nothing in DFS configuration
2) Stop sharing the replicated folder on the drive to be replaced
3) Replace the hard drive
4) Copy all files from the old drive
5) Re-share the folder to be replicated, using the same share name.

I want replication to continue as usual and I really don't want to somehow end up with duplicate files/folders.  If this plan is flawed, what's the best way to do this?
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You got it right. The steps are exactly what I have done in the past in similar situations with one difference.  You need to make sure that your permissions are preserved in your file copy, if needed.

 I would do a Robocopy or Xcopy with the proper switches to preserve the permissions.  The way you have DFS set up you may not need to do this and it may be easier to just copy and paste and propagate the permissions, if needed, afterward. But if you do need to preserve security on specific files and subfolders then just be aware of the above.

Just one step I would add is to restart the DFS service and file replication service after doing your list.

One question.  In DFS are you using share names or UNC paths to point to your replicated folders.  If you are using UNC specific paths, you will need to repoint these after the move.  If share names you will not need to do this.
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