Need to broadcast Wi-Fi signal building to building @ 60yrds

Hello, Ideally I would like a solution that can pick up my wi-fi signal (if not wire can be ran) and repeat it to another receptor 60 yards away or boost the signal enough so I can pick it up in the second building.  It can be inside or outside building 1 as long as it is mountable one way or another.  Preferably external though.

Second building is just a doublewide trailer no thick walls or anything and for internet traffic only so the link doesn't have to be exceptionally fast.  Price range is 400-1200ish.

Thank you in advance for your help,

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We have dozens of these bridges in production. Easy install, easy configuration, good performance and long term reliability.

$250 each at

Good Luck!
Things like this device are widely available:

Note: I've never ordered from this company, so I don't know what you'll expect.  This is just a general idea of what you can get out there.

Basically your best bet is that you be able to mount something on your trailer and then mount the primary end to the building.  I cannot stress enough that line of sight is critical.  If they can see each other, they are golden.  You want things like that look like they are satellite dishes or flat large panels.  You don't want little thin antennas to do the job.  

You then have two options:
*  Buy one big directional antenna and point it at the trailer.  Small-scale wireless devices within may be able to pick it up, depending.  In this case you're trying to broadcast the wireless signal to the trailer yourself.

Building 1 <-> Directional wireless dish/plate <----------------------> Trailer

*  Buy two directional antennas and set them up as a link.  You'll put a simple wireless router inside the trailer for wireless communication or a wired/wireless router/switch/gateway in the trailer to create a strong locale signal.  In this case you're using two directional antennas as a sort of bridge between the two networks, the main one in building 1, and the secondary one in the trailer.

Building 1 <-> Directional wireless dish/plate <----------------------> Directional wireless dish/plate <--> internet connection for trailer.
There are a few ways this can be done, depending on your needs. I am going to use the Linksys WAP54g as and example. This AP can act as an Access Point (AP), a Bridge, an AP Client or a Repeater and would require one at each location. Following are scenarios for each.

Local                                                                       Remote  
Switch --- Bridge  )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))  Bridge --- Switch --- AP ))) PC

Switch --- AP    ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))   AP Client ----- One PC

Switch  --- AP   )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))  Repeater ))))))))  Multiple PC

---- = Cat5 wiring
))))) = wireless

The Repeater would have to have an internal antenna and use an omni-directional antenna.

The other two could use externally mounted antennas.

They make Outdoor Bridges with Power over ethernet and built in antennas that will work well but are rather expensive: Here is one example: I have found prices in the $650 range each.

Another option is (for example) to use the WAP54g internally with externally mounted antennas (or if the two locations have facing windows, you could use internal directional antennas aimed at each other)

These are what you would need for an outdoor mounted antenna using WAP54g.


Antenna 9dbi This would probably work well

Antenna 14dbi This may get you a bit better throughput

Pigtail - Hooks antenna Cable to Linksys

Cable 30 ft - From pigtail to Antenna

Surge Protector

Note: These are by no means the only items to choose from, just giving you a few ideas
JTCollinsAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for the help,

Tranzeo was a little difficult to get in touch with but the people were very adept in their fields and helped tramendously.

I chose the becuase of price point to solution value in my eyes.

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