how to fill a div text from text on a form both on load and change of text in form

Posted on 2007-07-26
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-21
i came across this code
<div id=a>Filled with text</div>

<div id=b onclick="document.getElementById('a').innerHTML='Some Text'">Click Me</div>
how do i get it to change from my form text (upon load and upon change)

          <input   size="36" maxlength="35" value="<?php echo $Manufacturer;?>" name="Manufacturer" onChange="updatePicLink('')">

how do i put all this together

thank you in advance for any code and help you may provide.
Question by:Johnny
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Expert Comment

ID: 19579998
i'm not sure i understand exactly what you want to happen, can you elaborate?
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Accepted Solution

steveberzins earned 2000 total points
ID: 19580001
ok, so, you have a div, that you want to change to what is in the Manufacturer textbox, when the page loads, and anytime the Manufacturer textbox value changes? why change it, if you can just set it the same on the server...?

something like:

<div id="a"><?php echo $Manufacturer;?></div>
<input value="<?php echo $Manufacturer;?>" name="Manufacturer" onChange="document.getElementById('a').innerHTML=this.value;" size="36" maxlength="35">
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Expert Comment

ID: 19580014
Probably this is what you are looking for:

                  <title>Script Demo Gops</title>
                  <script language="javascript">

                        function updatePicLink(v){
                              var o=document.getElementById('a');
      <div id="a"></div>
      <form name="test">
            <input name="Manufacturer" type="text" value="Manufacturer" onChange="updatePicLink(this.value)">
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Author Comment

ID: 19580143
steveberzins is what im looking for kinda

im trying to show the value of the manufacturer value to the div as it loads and changes..so we have the onload part with the php statement(duh shoulda thought of that myself)

now the string we have is printing out
as the text and not the value.. if we get this part fixed where all set. by the way the line has to have the updatepic too
so it read right now as
          <input   size="36" maxlength="35" value="<?php echo $Manufacturer;?>" name="Manufacturer" onChange="document.getElementById('a').innerHTML=this.value; updatePicLink('')">

thanks so far for the help and suggestions

Author Comment

ID: 19580158
duh it does work i had the statement in the updatepic i was trying to get to work...forgot that one

so it does work thanks again
accepting steveberzins as answer as his was not only the one i used but the first working answer

Author Comment

ID: 19580232
heres my final code snips so others can see how it works

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
function updateDiv() {
document.getElementById('a').innerHTML = "Current Product - <?php echo $ID;?>: " + document.demoform.Manufacturer.value + ", " + document.demoform.Type.value;

          <input size="36" maxlength="35" value="<?php echo $Manufacturer;?>" name="Manufacturer" onChange="updateDiv(''); updatePicLink('')">

 <div align="left" id=a>Current Product - <?php echo$ID;?>: <?php echo $Manufacturer;?>, <?php echo$Type;?></div>

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