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I know little to nothing about Unix and one of the other departments has charged us with monitoring about ten HP boxes with HP open view. Every now and then we get a warning or a critical so we pick-up the phone and call a Unix tech at all hours of the night. Before we call we ping the server in question then we log on and get a prompt and type ls -l and so I guess we do know a little somthing. We would however like to do more, say check running process, check and errors or services that may have died? What four or five things should we do before we call.

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This really depends on what is running on the system. For example if you are runiing Oracle/SAP then you would check the the oracle and SAP processes are running and that the archive logs have not filled the log volume to 100% etc.

Are you able to provide any more info on what you are running on these boxes?

Some generic steps for any system: -

1. more /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log - this is the system log file
2. Execute "top" to show the CPU and memory usage
3. swapinfo will show if the swap memory is ok
4. ps -ef | grep -i PROCESS NAME - you need to know whats on the box
5. bdf to show if the disk is full
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