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I am trying to delevop an on-line photo album for all the pictures that my wife takes of my daughter.  She takes A LOT of pictures at very high resolution, so I am hoping to find something that will make her job easier without having the downloads take forever.  I have a Windows 2003 standard box that will be running standard IIS, so I am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction.  (I do have Dreamweaver, but don't know too much about using it).  The requirements/desires I have for the site would be:

1) Easy for her just to put pictures on a shared drive on our network (that would be the source files for our web-server)
2) Automatically put the pictures to a low/mid quality & size for optimal downloads  (I can always figure out a different way to do this if it cannot do it automatically)
3) Slide-show option
4) Automatic thumbnailing
5) Easy to use & fast for the viewer
6) Easily customized

I would really like to find something free if possible.  I know there are a lot of such things on the internet right now, but I am hoping that someone can point me to something that is good.  Or if someone can tell me that the "post-build" use of a Dreamweaver page is easy enough, then I can potentially go that route.  
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First advice, FORGET dreamweaver, it is too complex and a micromanagement nightmare for you.

The easiest way to scale photos is with the FREE PROGRAM -- IRFANVIEW -- www.irfanview.com
It is only 3 steps to resize any photo, but they still have to be done one by one.  If you want a more automated way of scaling them down, look at windows built in FREE utility to send files to a recipient --

Go to a list of pictures in windows explorer, highlight the ones you want by holding down the control key while ckicking on each to select them all -- then right click and choose -- "SEND TO" -- it will ask you do you want to resize the pictures -- the answer is "YES" -- you can send them to yourself if you want -- this way, every picture, no matter what the original resolution, is scaled down to a convenient size of 640 x 480 -- which is ideal for viewing on a single web page.

There isnt much more automated than this. Once she has selected 200 pictures, they are al reisized to 640x480 in a single shot, you save them, and upload them to the website.  This is all free, but there are no free thumbnail viewers that will automatically link to the bigger picture, you have to do this by yourself.  And BTW, a site full of too many pictures is a hassle to navigate, no matter how you try to simplify it, if the browser is going to have to load 500 thumbnails, it is going to CHOKE, no matter what.
try the google picasaweb instead.. it has almost everythg inside with good interface

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