temperature monitor using java

I have a temperature measuring device external to the computer.It senses the temperature and transfers the data to COM port of the system via serial interface.what i want to know is how the data is read into the system.Is there a particular protocol to run it in java. could some please help me

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A part of my job is to work with external sensors like tempurature, humidity, and wind.

I would be willing to bet your sensor is a serial temperature sensor. You can go into Hyperterminal and see if you can figure out the communication perameters of this sensor.

Your serial port, if you have one on your pc, is most likely com 1.

Use these recommended parameters for Hyperterminal.

Using Com1
4800 baud, 8, none, and 1, no flow control
9600 baud, 8, none, and 1, no flow control

If you are not familiar with hyperterminal and don't know how to use it let me know.
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