Configuring netbackup schedules

I need quick help with creating poilicies in netbackup, partucularly to user particular disk slot on a particular day of the week.

For instance, I have an 8-slot tape library. I need to tell netbackup which slot to use for Monday, Tuesday etc.

Also, I'll have a cleaning tape in slot 6 for example. Seems to me that I need to tell netbackup that the cleaner is in slot 6 and when to use it. How do I do that?

Many thanks.
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Richard OlutolaConsultantAsked:
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Pg 128 for email alerts, and
ALso there is info about media management.
Not sure there is a quick answer.
You really should go through the documentation since you have to really understand how things work and decide on the best methodology.

As an example. What happens if you can not fit the backup on a single tape ?Are you doing full every day, or just weekends.
What about differential or similar types of backups ?

I hope this helps !
Richard OlutolaConsultantAuthor Commented:
For now, my data would fit on a single tape (800GB tape). For simplicity, I currently take full backups daily, Mon - Fri.

I will make things more efficient at a later stage but I need to get things up and running quickly.

You need to label / FORMAT an then catalog the tapes so that they are recognized.

You may also need to assign media pools to each slot and then tell each backup job what media can be used.

I hope this helps !
Richard OlutolaConsultantAuthor Commented:
Nothing on the screens mentions assigning pools to slots. I've looked through the documentation and it doesn't mention assigning tapes/pools to slots either.

My media type is not bar-coded.

Is this something you've done before?

Also, does netbackup send email alerts?

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