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I'm having a situation where I'm trying to create an incoming connections network connection for a computer but I get an error regarding the Routing and Remote Access service being unable to start.  After trying to start it manually via services, I get the following error in the Event log:

Event ID 7024
Source: Service Control Manager
Description: The Routing and Remote Access service terminated with the server-specific error 127 (0x7F)

I've search around on the Internet and found a few suggestions to try, but to no avail.  What I've tried so far includes:

- Running SFC /scannow (someone said the 127 error was related to windows files and to try this)
- Downloading and installing the MDAC update from Microsoft
- Starting the services that RRAS apparently relies on, which are Remote Access Connection Manager service, Remote Access Auto Connection Manager and the Telephony service. The RPC service is also started.

A site also suggested to try the rarepair.exe, but damned if I know where to get it.  I have been unable to locate it for download, as most people only send it via email to each other (so I don't know why people then suggest that as potential fixes on websites without offering it for download...).

Note: The computer that I'm trying to enable Incoming connections on is not on the Internet.  Incoming connections is going to be used for dialup purposes, to allow one computer to communicate with the other.  I downloaded the above MDAC update elsewhere and copied it to the computer, but I cannot run windows update.

I haven't been able to find much other assistance.

Edit: The system is Windows XP Pro, Service Pack 1
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SebastionAuthor Commented:
Hey Guys,

Installing Service Pack 2 fixed the problem.  Not entirely sure why the service wouldn't work with SP1 on.  Probably a corruption of some file or something, though I did run SFC.  In any event, it's good now.

Hi Sebastion

Recommend you try something like TightVNC -  It's easy to impliment and better still it shadows rather than takes over a machine.

Or LogmeIn:

For the original issue, do you happen to have a hardware firewall, or ISA server on your network?
SebastionAuthor Commented:
Hey guys,

Remote access isn't an issue really, as I use pcanywhere.  The main reason why I need to enable incoming connections is for a dialup network that is required for automatic file backup (basically a server automatically dials a RAS connection with the store, and copies the required files over the now established network connection before disconnecting).  Normally this isn't an issue since I've done this for several locations already, but I've hit a bit of a brick wall with this one site.

There's no hardware firewall that I'm aware of, and no ISA server set up either.

My plan is to somehow get XP SP2 to them, probably via CD or something, and then see if that fixes the issue.
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