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Error reading file : Foxuser.fpt

eddie_kng asked

I have a mulit-user inventory system running on Windows server 2003.  For most of the users, they have no problem launching the system except one user.  This user encountered error message "Error reading file : foxuser.fpt" when launching the system.  It happened  quite frequently on this user.  .  His PC is running on Win XP Pro.

Please advise how to overcome the problem.  The inventory system is developed under VFP 8.0.


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Need clarification.  So, here are questions.

What do you do AFTER you see that message?  Just go on?

Is that Fox resource file on the server or on the local PC?  Is it required?  Do you really need the Fox resource files for your inventory system?
CaptainCyrilFounder, Software Engineer, Data Scientist

You can safely delete all foxuser.* from his computer. You may wish to back them up just in case. FoxPro recreates all foxuser files. They contain settings to system variables in FoxPro but a good developer never saves his settings there.


Hi, the resource file is resided in the server.  I do not need the resource file.   So far I do nothing on the resource file ever since it is created by Foxpro.

It is best if you don't have to use the Fox resource file arrangement, because the foxuser.dbf does occasionally get corrupt.  And, if you do choose to use it, it should never ever reside on the server but in the local workstation's directory/folder instead.
In your application, if you simply issue a
at the start of the program in your main.prg, that oughta handle it.

You can also put RESOURCE=OFF in your config.fpw.


After I Set Resource to Off, all the reports in the preview mode become either minimised or half screen.  Before the turn it off, all reports display with full screen.   Please advise.


The resource file was "remembering" the way you wanted those previews.  Now with the resource inactive, it has no way to "remember" what you wanted and comes in a default view that is not very nice.

In my VFP reports, I make sure there is one extra line in each report to tell the preview to go full screen.  To that end, enter a report (MODIFY REPORT myreport) and right-mouse click on an empty design surface of the report to get the popup menu where you can choose DataEnvironment.  [Don't worry if you don't use the DataEnvironment for other things.]  Then you will see a window labelled DataEnvironment.  Right-mouse click on an empty surface there to get another popup menu and choose
 Properties.  In the Properties Window, in either the Init or the BeforeOpenTables event, add the following line of code:

ZOOM WINDOW "Report Designer" MAX

Exit everything and make sure you save the report and also assure yourself you haven't embedded any unwanted printer environment stuff into that report.  Then re-run that report.  You will see the Report preview get maximized without the use of the Fox resource file and without the use of some odd keyboard stuff to emulate keystrokes to go full screen.