Blackberry device info missing from user after enterprise activation - email doesn't work

I am running Blackberry Enterprise Server 4.1 for Exchange on SBS 2003.  One of the users fried her blackberry device and got a new one.  I did the enterprise activation and the correct PIN number of the device shows up in BES but she can't send or receive mail.  When I look at the user properties, there is no Blackberry device info - where it normally says "read-only" and shows the type of device - that section is missing.  Not sure how to troubleshoot this.  Should I delete the user and start over?
Bert McFerrinIT ManagerAsked:
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BlackBerryLinks_comConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If there is a miss match with the PIN then it is possible that you have to restart the BES Services first. Another thing what can happen is that the BES can not insert the PIN in the record. This happend somethimes when you leave the properties screen of the user open.

I would delete the user and readd her in the BES.

In addition, it may be wise to wipe the new BB device in addition.

I hope this helps !
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