Multiple web app Project Directories in Projects File of Visual Studio 2005

Using Visual Studio 2005 to develop web applications (File System).

Why do I have multiple directories of the same web project in my \Projects Filder, e.g.,

MyProject (2)
MyProject (3)
MyProject (4)

Why would I choose to load one over the other?
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When you open the web site using File -> Open -> Web Site and then build it, a folder with the web site name and a solution file in it is created in the Projects folder. I'm not sure when exactly, but sometimes (probably if you move a website to another location or if you have multiple websites with the same name) a new folder is created to avoid overwriting the previous solution.

You can check the current web site's solution path (click the solution name in the Solution Explorer and look at the Path property) and delete all others, or even delete them all if you haven't set up anything special (like build configurations) or added another project to the same solution...
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As my Irish, Guinness-drinking ancestors would say -- "Brilliant!"
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