Share Permissions vs Previous Mappings

When i try to access a share on our cluster I am given the message that I do not have permissions to access this network resource, the drive is \\servername\s$\ and the login I am using is domain admin.

I have been told the reason for this is that the S drive has already been mapped (the deleted) and there is a registry entry of previous conections that I need to alter?  Is this true, if so where can I find the settings?

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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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Pls check using \\Cluster Virtual name\s$. Some times it is possible that you might have tries to access s$ in the passive node due to that it gives that error
cmjkeeganAuthor Commented:
Problem solved.

Domino server (running on cluster) required a different servername to access this drive as it was assigned to it.

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