Some mail is stuck in the exchange 2003 local delivery queue

I have a problem with mail from some senders. It is recieved by the exchange 5.5. server and then send to the 2003 server there some messages are stuck in the local delivery queue and retryed over and over but wont deliver.

Mail is send to the internet without problems
Most mail is send from the internet without problems ( like 20 a day get added to the local delivery queue)

Problem was first noticed a few days after applying update KB931832 a few days earlyer

the sender gets a NDR  with the folowing message " This message was rejected due to the current administrative policy by the destination server.  Please retry at a later time.  If that fails, contact your system administrator."

i have checked with the exchange best practices analyzer tool ... nothing odd there

Some of the recipients have old mail from the same local delivery queue stuck  senders,  witch they could open earlyer but can't now. The get "Client bewerking mislukt" ( dutch ) and should be something like "Client client action failed"

Exchange 2003 sp2 enterprise W2003 SP2
Exchange 5.5 standard

Who knows the solution for this


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stephandavidseAuthor Commented:
nope that wasnt it
i figured it out:
the security patch was responcible for both problems the local delivery queue and the messages that could not be open'd
micosoft has a hotfix but i is on request only
The hotfix related to the KB article Q934450
after aplying the messages were delivered and all could be read again by the recipients
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