Voice chat problem between pc in different LAN and behind router

PC1--switch--(PC with free proxy installed) -- ADSL router -- ...-- ADSL router -- (PC with free proxy installed) --switch---PC2

PC1, PC2(windowsxp)
PC with proxy (win2000server)
ADSL router - thompson speedTouch 546(i) v6 adsl modem

Instant messaging communication between PC1 and PC2 works only as chat.
I try msn live messenger, yahoo messenger, google talks, icq and result is the same. Chat is working well but voice comunication doesn't working.
What can i do to fix the problem?

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chat works over http when the correct ports aren't available...voice communications and other p2p services will require the appropriate ports forwarded through the proxy server and router or else they will fail
Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
Yahoo Messenger - Voice Chat Ports TCP 5000-5001 and UDP 5000-5010 voice chat

MSN Live Messenger
Messenger server: port 1493, 1542, 1863, 1963, 80 TCP and 443 TCP
File Transfer/Sharing Folders: local: 1544 and 6891 - in fact 6720-65535 TCP from one source
Messenger Update: remote: 80 local: 1457
Remote Assistance If available): 3389 TCP
Audio: local: , 1556, 11771, 13803 and generally 5004-65535 UDP
Remote Desktop and whiteboard: local/remote: 389, 522, 1503, 1720, and 1731
Launching Games: 80
Video Conference: TCP 9000-9999, 5004-65535 UDP + 80
: remote: 443 local: 1484, 2400

Voice chat ports 5000-5010 (yahoo) and live messenger voice ports will need to be forwarded to both computers through each firewall.

The live messenger voice ports given in the above post which were from this site (http://www.plevna.f9.co.uk/messengers/blockwindowslivemessenger.htm) are incorrect but i will try to find the correct ports.
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