Distrubuted Applications IN VCL.NET (BDS 2006)

Hi All,
i want to write Multi -tier application using VCL.NET. as u know there is a Remotedatamodule and Type library and actually everything u need to create AppServer in Delphi for Win32, But Where the remote datamodule is gone in VCL.NET (Delphi for .NET) ? Any Ideas.
or Howcan I create Distibuted applications in VCL.NET is there a tool like MIDAS?
any help appreciated..
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Mohammed NasmanSoftware DeveloperCommented:

  AFAIK, there's no TRemoteDatamodule in VCL.Net, you can create only DataSnap clients with VCL.Net, Server will be developed using Delphi win32.

  To Distributed application using Delphi .Net, you can use the .Net remoting, Web services, or depend on third party tools like RemObjects and KbmMW.

fuad_azAuthor Commented:
hi mnasman,
thanks a lot. it is pity to lose TremiteDataModule :(
but anyway. i just wanted to bu sure. thank you and 500 pts are yours
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