Auth issue with exchange

We would like to be able to have users on our exchange server (2k3) sending through different SMTP connectors. uses SMTP connector1 for outbound mail uses SMTP connector2 for outbound mail

Basically the issue is that people need to send from both domains but the auth SMTP on the SMTP connector will not authenticate the second domain as different authentication is required by this domain. Both need their own auth settings.
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I assume these people have two AD Accounts then, because the ChooseFrom application wouldn't work if you're presenting as two accounts.

I understand why one user with two accounts would need to send with two addresses (indeed, that's what ChooseFrom is for) but I don't quite see why a presenting address is relevant to the route out your server takes.

So, what you need to do is this:
You already have two accounts
You need two SMTP Connectors in the RG
One connector sends to one Smarthost (at the ISP or something?)
The other sends to a different Smarthost (as above?)
You assign permissions on the connectors so that it rejects messages from one set of users (or only accepts from a set of users) - The process of setting a connector to only accept or to reject is entirely down to you. You choose whichever is administratively most manageable.

Emails from (account domain\user1) goes to Connector1.
Emails from (account domain\user2) goes to Connector1 where it's rejected. Email then goes to Connector2 and gets accepted.
Connector 1 and 2 are pointed at different addresses to relay (or deliver) mail through.

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