IIS6.0 frontend server for Exchange 2003 (SBS)

Currently I have sbs2003 receiving smtp mail for our external domain, I really dont want to mess with it as its very old and I didn't setup it up or manage it.

What I want to do is setup a frontend server to it with antivirus/antispam, so what I've done so far is setup IIS6.0 which is working ok. Now I can't see where you would do this but I'm sure you can; I want it to now forward any mail it accepts for our domain to the exchange server.
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You'll need to setup the microsoft smtp server to accept mail on port 25 and forward it to your exchange server.

If that server will only process mail for your other server and won't send mail to the internet, you can have it forward all mail to the backend exchange server.

To do so, go in the iis management console,

choose your smtp server

Go in properties the choose "Delivery"
Click on "Advanced"
And type in the name/ip of your exchange server in the "smart host" field.

You'll need to restart the smtp service.

The smart host feature, will actually forward any mail to that ip address without processing.

THis way you'll have your antivirus/antispam feature processed on your "border" mail server, all the cleaned email will be forwarded to your exchange server for further processing.

You'll have to make sure your exchange server is accepting mail on port 25 (smtp) naturally.

Good luck
charlie4616Author Commented:
Thanks for your reply, however I have a few questions:

1. Am I right in saying that you can't add the domain name in IIS as a local domain as it won't forward to the smart host?

2. If the above is correct how do you get IIS to receive the emails to pass to exchange without opening it up to relay mail for any domain
1- I guess not, If your antivirus/antispam software needs ms smtp server to have a "local domain" I guess it won't forward the mail to the smart host.

2- There might be an option in the "Messages Tab" that might help with this:
"Forward all mail with unresolved recipients to host:"

This would send all "undeliverable mail" for the local domain to the exchange server if you put your ip/name of your exchange server.

By the way, just for the record, the best way to accomplish what you are trying to do is to setup a second exchange server, not just the smtp part of it. One of them is the "border server" on which you run antivirus/antispam" the second is the one hosting the mailboxes and to which users will connect...
But setting just ms smtp server should work too.

Have a nice day
Also, off the record, if you are not done with the purchase/setup of your mail filtering solution, you might be interested in a all-in-one box that you just put in place and it takes care of antivirus/antispam/etc and forward only clean mail to the exchange server.

Exchange, network associates, etc are making them, but personnaly, I prefer products made by Barracuda and they are ready to integrate into an exchange environnement:


charlie4616Author Commented:
thanks for your help
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