Veritas restore issue - tape name problems?

I'm having problems with Veritas. I am trying to do a restore, but Veritas keeps spitting the tape out telling me it is the wrong one... however, its the correct tape I am inserting into the drive. I've done a catalogue / inventory, and have confirmed the name of the tape etc, but it simply won't let me load it.

Any ideas, hints, pointers (I'm using Veritas Backupexec 9.1)?
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rpartingtonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you select the completed job,
select Properties
Open that onto the Job log and under Device n media information,
Locate the device info ie
Media Label: LTO000003

Then go into
All media
and in the above case search for Media Label: LTO000003 (obviously your will be differant.
Right click on it when you locate it and select restore.
Then when in the restore section select a file to restore, obviously from the media set which has being auto highlighted as this should be the relevant one, now go into devices and make sure you select your device pool, you dont have to select the actual correct tape slot as it should find it automatically as long as you have it in the correct slot.
Now carry out the restore.
Bear in mind if you have over written the data you are trying to restore its obviously not going to restore it as its being over wriiten.

I would verity if it still spits it out that the data you are looking for is actually on the tape as its possible its the correct tape, but the data has being over written by a more recent backup to this tape.
Apologies if Im pointing out the obvious though.

Iamthecreator OMAdministrateur Systeme et ReseauxCommented:
Go to Tool>Options>Catalog and then UNCHECK or CLEAR the option to USE STORAGE MEDIA BASED  CATALOG
run an Inventory and the re-catalog the Tape
right click on the tape in the device pane and then select Restore
Check the View by Media to make sure its showing the right tape
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