Using Outlook Dialer and Connecting Phone Line

I want to use Outlook dialer with my phone service.

Here's my current setup:
- Wire from wall plugged to DSL router.
- DSL router connected to Ethernet card on computer

I have a modem in my computer, but where do I connect the phone line? The router doesn't seem to have a socket for the phone wire.
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David LeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, msafi.

You need a splitter at the wall jack.  One side of the splitter will go to the DSL modem, the other side to your modem.  You can get a telephone splitter at any electronics strore.  They cost a couple of dollars.  DSL uses a previously used portion of your telephone line.  The portion that carries voice (i.e. telephone calls) is carried on the same physical wire at the same time as the DSL signals, and the two do not interfere with each other.
Greetings msafi !

When you say "modem", I assume you mean the dialup modem card in your computer. Connect the phone line to the modem on back of your computer.

Best wishes, war1
msafiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help so far.

So it's really that easy? Just by a splitter and then connect both the modem and the DSL router to the wall, and Outlook dialer will just work like any telephone?...

Do I need a special software to receive calls on the computer and record calls and so on??
David LeeCommented:
Yep, it's really that easy.  Yes, you will need special software to receive and record calls.  Outlook doesn't do that.
David LeeCommented:
Is there anything else I can do to help with this question?
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