Prevent URL from being logged to browser history and URL address suggestions

Can I keep the URL of my site from being logged to the History of a browser?  Specifically, if the browser implements URL suggestions in the address bar I do not want, on a community computer, subsequent users to be able to that the browser hit that site.

If so, how?


P.S.  I know this sound like I have "bad" site but its for a state welfare internet app.
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There's a variety of ways to handle this either through ASP.NET or through some inherent commands to IE.  Here's a good resource:
Hello cylikon,

This would depend on the user's client side settings. If you the doesn't have their history turned on then you don't have to worry. As far as I know at least there is no way to not have your site appear in a users history unless they have manually turned it off themselves.


Write the complete website as AJAX, so only the starting page is logged in the browser, but no parameters or other pages. With HTML/JS it is not possible to deny the historization of visited pages on the client side.
This only works with certain browsers I might add (but bear in mind a lot of public access computers only use IE as the browser.)
> I do not want, on a community computer, subsequent users to be able to that the browser hit that site.
> [...] its for a state welfare internet app.

It sounds more like you ought to be using HTTPS throughout and private caching directives with short/immediate expiry.  Also with nothing sensitive ever on the URI.  Encrypted session cookies should be used and the session destroyed after let's say 15 minutes inactivity, where the user should be forced to reauthenticate or start from the beginning.

AJAX may seem attractive, it will still need to be secure, but there are two possible issues:
  1.  Browser vendors may decide to include AJAX requests in the browser history in future.
  2.  State's tend to mandate their Internet applications still work without JavaScript (the one I work on does).

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