Laptop LCD has Horizontal and Vertical lines.

Compaq Presario V6000 Laptop Windows Media Center.
LCD has tons of thin HORIZONTAL multi-colored lines. Have external CRT connected and during boot I see XP logo briefly then CRT goes black, but LCD onboard laptop is showing those lines and it's almost impossible to see. AC adapter plug is bent at laptop connection, indicating it may have been dropped while plugged in and thus bent the plug.
Also while moving cursor, laptop screen has VERTICAL blue lines that foolow the cursor path.
Several things come to mind but hoping you can help pinpoint the problem!
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Suspect either broken screen or broken VGA adapter...

Worth checking the ribbon cable too, if you feel brave enough ondo the screws of the laptop sceen and check for obvious damage and reseat the cable if loose.

The fact that CRT does not boot is concerning, maybe hdd had a knock too..
Can you boot up with CRT into BIOS just so we can close out VGA adapter issue?

Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
Does the problem with the LCD lines start immediately from boot? i.e. Can you see the LCD screen clearly before Windows starts?

Mr442Author Commented:
Video image on LCD has crazy colors and I can see barely see cursor. It boots up! But can't really make out the images on the LCD.
Yes I can get into BIOS with CRT, but do not see anything that will let me switch entirely to it, instead of LCD.
There is a key on the key-board that let's me toggle betweeen the two monitors while in Windows, but CRT goes black.
Many laptops have a key combination (Fn + FX) that will switch between external and internal display. This is a hardware switch which doesn't need an O/S to function - check your laptop handbook. If CRT displays damamged screen as well, it's probably something with the graphics adapter - pehaps it's a discrete unit that is connected to motherboard and the connector is now a bit unseated.
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