Adobe InDesign EPS file not showing in color

I placed an EPS file (created in Illustrator) in my InDesign document and it is not showing in color.  The rest of my EPS files show color.  I know it has to be something simple, but can't find the solution.
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swabanikConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Open that eps file in illustrator and resave it as eps, check the following:

1. Use preview mode 8 bit. instead of 1 bit.

2. Place it again in Indesign.

Alternately you can ungroup the illustrator eps file in Indesign and color it individually. This is great features in Adobe CS3.

MAC>> put more memery in ID
PC>>scratz disks space is too low

check Edit/Preferences/Display performance
ServalStudiosAuthor Commented:
On OSX, the memory is not changeable. It turned out that the box it was in was colored for some reason. I unchecked the color, and it showed and printed fine.
ServalStudiosAuthor Commented:
Its strange because it was saved originally as 8 bit, and I know I re-saved it a lot.. but somehow doing it again did the trick.  I wish i had CS3, but this is CS2
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