windows 2003 fileserver share move/sync

I have a network share on a drive that is running out of space, i want to move it to another drive on the fileserver with more than enough space.   What i am looking for is a fast file sync tool that will do a 1to1 copy of the files from one drive to the next,  Now i plan to run this on a weekend but files might still be opened by some users.  So i would like something that can deal with open files well and not cancel the entire transfer because a file is open.
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
If you want to copy open/in use files then you can't use XCOPY or ROBOCOPY as these will not copy open files.

On option would be to use Windows Backup to backup the files anf then restore them to the other server, this will work as Volume shadow copy will cope with the open files.

Al alternative would be to use Syncback but you will need to get the paid for version to copy open/in use files.
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