How to dual boot with 2 separate hard drives??

Hello, I have a computer running XP Pro and it's working fine.  However, I do want to try Windows Vista, but I don't want to install it on the same hard drive.  I plan to buy another hard drive to install into my PC and then install Vista on that new HD.  Both HD will be SATA II HDs.

What are the procedure of doing this first?  I want to make it like a dual boot system, however using 2 separate drives.  How do I do this?  First is there any "master" of "slave" settings I should use?
I heard is pretty good. Would I be using something like this when it's all setup?

Many thanks in advance!
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SATA drives are "master" by default --> one drive per channel.

All you need to do is install new hard disk and then install Vista on that drive. Vista has its own boot manager and most third party boot managers are not compatible with Vista.

This is the best Vista boot manager "helper" that I've seen:

Note: The Vista boot manager will be installed on XP hard disk (existing boot disk). Do not delete or modify boot sector on that drive or neither OS will boot.
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