Expanding a raid 5

I have a ML370 G3 server, it had 6 36 GB hard drives in a raid 5, I was running out of space and I changed one by one the 6 drives with 6 72GB hardrives, they are controlled by a 641 HP array controller, with no problem and they rebuilt the whole array. After that  I used the HP array utility configuration to expand the array.  THe array utility sees the six drives as only 1 logical drive of 350 GB but windows only sees the original 170 GB and an unallocated sapce of 170GB. THE OS system and the data are in this array. How can I make that WIndows sees the whole capacity?
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giltjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just to make sure you understand.

Re-partitioning the drive is distructive.  Meaning you will loose data.  So it is more than just a re-partition and go.  You MIGHT be able to use something like PartitionMagic.
Windows does see the whole capacity. It's seeing the RAID array as a contiguous drive of 350GB, of which it's using 170GB for your (presumably) C: drive.
MariNoriegaAuthor Commented:
WHen you go to my computer and properties, it reports  C as 170 GB how can I use the rest of the space? In drive management it says C:350Gb 170 primary partition and 170 unallocted space, sorry if I don't understand, how do I use the rest of the space, do I need to create another partition? In the array utility it says 1 only drive with 350 GB.  Remember that my OS and the data reside in the same disk.
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To Windows you have a single 350GB hard drive.  It sounds like you have created a single, primary, partition of 170GB.

Do you want a single drive of 350GB, or do you want two drives (C and D) each with 170GB?

MariNoriegaAuthor Commented:
No I wante only one partition of 350 GB, that was what i was trying to do with the array configuration, I  selected the option expand you array to 350GB.
Okay, I think I see the confusion here.

You've expanded the RAID container to 350GB. This RAID container is being presented to the Windows operating system as a single 350GB drive.

At this point, it sees this 350GB drive as having 170GB of space formatted and ready to use (your C: drive) and 170GB unpartitioned - and therefore unallocated - space.

To use that space, you'll need to partition it, then format it. This will give you a new drive letter with another 170GB of free and waiting-to-be-filled space.


roamingllamaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You CAN use PartitionMagin (or a slew of other partition appications) to NON-destructively resize partitions.  My suggestion is to buy a copy of PartitionMagic (about $70: http://www.symantec.com/home_homeoffice/products/overview.jsp?pcid=sp&pvid=pm80).  It is really easy to use...I have done this exact scenario bfore with expanding a partition on a RAID 5.

NOTE: While I have never had a problem with this you should ALWAY do a FULL backup before resizing or messing around with the partitions.  Best bet for this is to Ghost the entire partion for easy restore if something goes arye.

Let me know how it works out.

MariNoriegaAuthor Commented:
Yes you were right, the total process took like 4 hours.  I used Paragon Partition Manager Professional and everything was fine!!!!  
Thanks Dan and giltjr!!!
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